Losing faith in the good ole USA.

I don’t consider myself a political person but I am one to be bothered by injustice and abuse of power. These last few years have been really hard for this country. A super patriotic person I am not but I do have some pride in being from a country which allows people to express themselves without fear of arrest or worse. The shear ignorance of most of the people in this country is frightening. What is even more frightening is the fact that these same people refuse to listen to anyone who does not share their beliefs. I am not talking about religion or politics but simple human respect. They are so hell bent on pushing their ideology on others…an ideology that promotes intolerance, discrimination and hate in the name of “religious freedom”. Funny that they never consider the “religious freedom”, the rights or the feelings of anyone else…just their own.  The lack of respect for others is, frankly, apalling. These are the same people who tout themselves as Christians. Interesting that their “beliefs” and behavior prove the opposite. What has made this so dangerous are the politicians who take full advantage of the hate, intolerance and discrimination…all they have to say is “Obama likes it” and they automatically hate it. This is a dangerous time. I fear for the future of this country. I fear for my young daughters future.  There is such potential for America…it’s tragic really. I don’t see the direction of the country changing anytime soon. Such a waste.

I’m still here

Hi there! My blog was feeling neglected so I thought it was about time I checked in. I’m still here just been trying to get through some “stuff”. I’ll write more about that later. Blog, I still need you. I’ll be back…


I am struggling with a decision. Should I cut my extended family from my life? They have been nothing but disappointing and hurtful. They are not a positive force in my life. All they do is drain me emotionally. Friends too. The world has changed for me in the last 4 years and not for the good. I lost my best friend in 2009…my Dad. Since that time, I have felt many people distance themselves for some unknown reason. If it didn’t sound so crazy, I would say that they only liked me for my Dad! I know that no one will read this so I can get this off my chest. Depression is very lonely. Reaching out for help has been pointless. My only reason for living is my daughter.

Baby Names and other royal musings.

Baby Names and other royal musings.

Did you ever wonder why Charles and Diana chose the name William for their firstborn and future king?  What about Harry, whose name is actually Henry?  Why those names and not Charles (father and uncle), Philip (grandfather), John (Diana’s father) or even the once popular Albert?  The men who are the namesakes of these two princes are largely forgotten which is a shame.  William was named after Prince William of Gloucester, first cousin of the Queen.  The Gloucesters are remarkable in that they always do their duty and never seek attention or try to win some popularity contest.  The current Duke, Richard (younger brother of William) is quiet and honorable.  His wife, Birgitte, is equally dutiful. I sit here trying to find the words to describe this incredible young man who died too young but had so much potential.  Prince Charles looked up to William, almost as an older brother.  His father, the Duke of Gloucester, is Henry.  Charles named his sons after two admirable and hard-working royals.  The Duke was the third son of George V and younger brother to George VI (and the Queen’s uncle).  From 1936 until 1944, he served as potential regent.  If the King had died before Elizabeth reached her 18th birthday, Henry would have served as regent.  After the war, the Duke served as Governor-General of Australia and has the honor of being the last surviving Knight of the Order of St. Patrick.  His eldest son, William, was equally honorable.  He was an adventurous young man who worked hard to carve out his own identity apart from the Royal Family.  He played polo, went water skiing, attended university in the United States and piloted his own plane.  He was the second member of the Royal Family to work as a civil servant (his uncle, the Duke of Kent being the first).  William was forced to put royal duty first when his father, the Duke of Gloucester, suffered a series of strokes and was incapacitated.  William took over his father’s duties but continued to fly his plane in air shows.  He had a girlfriend, albeit a divorced one (sound familiar?).   However, fate intervened on August 28, 1972.  William was flying in an airshow when his plane crashed.  His brother, Richard, was newly married and beginning his career as an architect.  His mother, Princess Alice, was devastated.  His father, the Duke, died two years later making Prince Richard the new Duke of Gloucester.  So, while everyone speculates on whether William and Kate are having a boy or girl and what their names will be, remember the two dedicated and dutiful men whose names and memories live on with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Henry of Wales.

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